Episode 61: CAMP
March 7, 2012

Tune in to radio613’s 5772 Purim show! In honour of this raucous holiday, we are featuring an interview with Alexis Mitchell, the insightful director of the  compelling short film CAMP, featured at the 2012 Reelout queer film festival in Kingston. With music by Galeet Dardashti (“Vashti”) and the Philistines with Omar Offendum (“Free the P”)  Also featuring poems by Remi Kanazi.

Click here to hear a very interesting conversation.

Episode 22: Queering notions of diaspora
June 1, 2009

On June 1, 2009, Inextricable – a video art installation by Alexis Mitchell & Sharlene Bamboat – opens at the the Goldfarb Gallery at York University in Toronto. Inextricable presents three interconnecting videos that queer prevailing understandings of diaspora. Alexis Mitchell joins radio613 this week to speak about the upcoming exhibit. The interview outlines a queered notion of diaspora that does not rely on the restrictive binaries of the nation-state. Mitchell also discusses her own experiences as a queer Ashkenazi Jew living in Canada/Turtle Island and unattached to the idea of a homeland.

Music and poetry from Charming Hostess, LAL and Kevin Coval.

Be sure to check out Inextricable from June 1-5 at the Goldfarb Gallery, Fine Arts Building at York University. More information: alexismitchell.com

Click here to listen (right-click to download).